Monday, July 12, 2010

mini luke, online shopping and more!!

So yes it's been a while since my last post, but with good reason. First of all I was busy finishing Georgia's jacket for her 1st birthday party. I'm so happy with the result, it has little red apples on it and suits her perfectly! As well as this, there was tons to prepare for the big day but all went off without a hitch and Georgia had a fantastic day.

I've also been super busy launching our boys' range of clothing.....and deciding on a name for the boy's stuff - you'll remember the online competition held in June. Amelia McKee, mum to Oscar, suggested 'mini luke' which I absolutely love and so there you have luke by Georgia's Closet is born! Keep an eye out for hoodies and PJ's both on Facebook and at

Speaking of Facebook, I'm very excited to be launching our online Facebook store! Many people have asked how this will work and it's really pretty simple. Through the Georgia's Closet fan page (!/pages/Georgias-Closet/335599849932?ref=ts), I have a tab 'Shop Now' where fans will be able to purchase directly online. It's all ready to go, I just need to build up some stock to place up on the site.

This week I discovered another reason to love Georgia's Closet, so am very pleased to share this story with you. Georgia has had this little rash on her neck, a red, raised blotchy patch which I put down to the tags from her PJs and clothes rubbing constantly. I removed the tags off all the offending items and got some ointment so it's on the mend....however the point of my story is this. All Georgia's Closet and mini luke pieces come with iron on dot labels (I use those from and love them!) so never will there be a huge chunky tag annoying your little one and causing irritations.....see just one more reason for you to love Georgia's Closet!

On that note, time for me to go. Keep checking our Facebook page and be the first to experience online shopping at Georgia's Closet. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for the coming weeks too so stay tuned!


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