Thursday, October 7, 2010

A world of handmade

It's been a while since my last post, and a lot's been going on. I'm looking at running my first market stall for Georgia's Closet, which has me very excited but also very busy making enough stock to get there in November or December.

Along the way, I've been researching markets of all kinds, but in particular handmade markets. If you hadn't noticed, there's a flurry of handmade markets, stores, websites and articles about handmade goods, born out of everyone's love for unique goods that are made with love and offer something special.

It just so happens that we've also been doing a few road trips this month and have managed to stumble across some fabulous stores that appealed to my love of handmade. My ultimate favourite is My Place at Bowral, in NSW's Southern Highlands. I LOVE this shop, it's full of beautiful fabrics and ideas that I could have spent all day there. Check them out at

We also visited a couple of handmade kids markets, these are relatively new in Sydney but I can tell they're really going to take off because the stallholders these markets attract produce beautiful things and the market 'owners' are really passionate about what they do. With Christmas coming up, if you have the time check out one of these markets and you'll find some great buys for Christmas. A few of my faves are Hide and Seek, Poppyseed Markets and Billycart Markets. Make sure you check out their websites for market dates and maybe soon you'll see Georgia's Closet there too.

On another note, you may have noticed we have a new logo!! I'm so happy with our logo, I think it perfectly represents the look and feel of Georgia's Closet. Fantastic work from Kim at Boutique by Design, she designs beautiful work for other WAHMs (Work-at-home-Mums) and small businesses.

I'n working busily on summer dresses, skirts, shorts and bloomers. To order any of these, email me at

Enjoy this warm weather and dressing your little one in beautiful Spring-inspired clothes!