Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back online and busy making jackets

Well the weather has been pretty awful this week, so it's no surprise I'm flat out making three jackets this week. I love this jacket and have been hanging out to make one for Georgia to wear to her birthday party and finally it looks like it'll be started next week. I'll post photos when I'm done, I've chosen a gorgeous fabric with little apples on it....very sweet.

I'm about to pick up some new patterns too. Finally the pyjamas that I've been promising should be appearing soon, just in time for the coldest part of winter; as well as some gorgeous tops and pinafores for your favourite little girl.

And I'm planning on getting more stock up on my Stay tuned for that and lots more in the coming weeks. Winter is the perfect time for sewing!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bundles of new fabrics.....

Despite my best efforts, I went crazy and bought a whole heap of new fabrics today. Georgia and I went out to get just a couple of things but I must have looked like a crazy woman with rolls of fabrics hanging off the pram, trying to steer around and hurry at the same time. As you probably know, shopping with a baby is never easy, shopping for fabrics in almost impossible....but it was lots of fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. Georgia already has quite the eye for fashion!

At the moment I'm leaning towards wintery greys and dark denims which will contrast well with some great cotton prints I bought. I also picked up a great crimson sateen fabric which will be perfect for a new top I'm going to make soon. Stay tuned, I'm very excited about it....wish it came in adult sizes!

I'm just putting the finishing touches on the latest order I have, another jacket in a super cute cow fabric from Korea. It's taken me longer than I hoped.....getting back into the swing of things after holidays and also being at work two days has thrown me. After this order, I'm hoping to get started on the jacket I want to make for Georgia's birthday, I've been planning on doing it for ages but orders have been keeping me busy. Not that I'm complaining in the slightest!

Lastly, I'm thinking about starting to sell my creations via in-home parties, let me know what you think of this and I'll keep you updated as I work things out. Til next time, keep warm!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Georgia's Closet now has a blog!

Welcome to Georgia's Closet. We create handmade clothing for babies and children aged 6 months to 6 years. It all started when I decided to make a couple of simple dresses for Georgia. At the time being on parental leave still, I had some spare time and wanted to see where sewing would take me. After a couple of successful projects, I decided to see if I could sell some of my creations and so Georgia's Closet was born. I started by creating Georgia's Closet's own Facebook fan page and came up with a few principles......

I only use designer fabrics in all of my creations, I only make things I would happily dress Georgia in and I never make the same item twice. I think that with all the mass produced stuff out there, parents want to dress their little ones in something that reflects them and has been made with care and attention.

I'm constantly looking out for new ideas for my next creation. So I'll be throwing my ideas around and would love it if you let me know what you think. I'm particularly looking to expand into boy's clothing (lots of family and friends are asking!) so let me know what you want in a boys range and I'll get onto it.

Follow Georgia's Closet and if you like what you see you can shop with us by emailing At the moment we're only small and so we don't have a website up and running but stay with us and we will hopefully get there. I also intend to get to some boutique markets towards the end of the year so stay tuned for that.