Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boy's hoodies are on their way!

Due to popular demand we're soon to be in the business of boy's clothes! So in light of this exciting new venture, we need a name for our boy's line of clothing....and we need your help!! Put your creative hat on and come up with the best name for our new collection and you'll win a boy's hoodie in the size of your choice (sizes 6 months to 5 years). Email your entry to by June 20.

Aside from this exciting development, I've been super busy organising Georgia's first birthday party and making her jacket to wear on the big day....this got me thinking about what's practical for kids to wear to parties. Aside from the fact that they're likely to get ice cream, chocolate and cake all over their gorgeous party clothes, you also want them to be comfortable and not pulling at their clothes all day....or worse taking them off!!

Opt for nice, soft fabrics to suit the weather (soft cottons in summer, cord or denim in winter) and preferably go with long sleeves in winter so you won't have to chase after your little one with a jacket all day - have you ever noticed kids hate wearing jackets when it's 10 degrees outside?

For colour choice, obviously avoid white wherever possible, printed fabrics are great because they don't show stains as much - and you're more likely to spot your dearest running off if they're not wearing something common like black, blue, red, pink etc....which is where I put my sales pitch in about our new hoodies - made in cute, designer printed fabrics they'll keep him warm, it can be dressed up or down and you'll spot him a mile away since he'll be the best dressed boy at the party!

Have fun and stay warm.....and don't forget to enter your name suggestion before June 20!